Green Bike has 8 stations and 100 Bikes and the locations are

  • 1. Paardenbaai Plaza (Cruise Terminal)

  • 2. Downtown in Plaza Daniel Leo

  • 3. Riu Hotel

  • 4. Costa Linda Resort

  • 5. La Cabana Beach Resort

  • 6. Palm Beach (South Beach)

  • 7. In Front of Paseo Herencia

  • 8. Marriott Hotel

Station Parts

Image module
The brain of the station. It has a touchscreen through which you can buy timed memberships, print receipts, and know the closest stations with available bikes and docking ports.
It’s connected to the system that releases the bike to users and is equipped with a card reader that registers payments and prints receipts.
Docking Port
The docking ports are the origin and destination of each bike. Each station will always have empty ports and available bikes to satisfy every customer needs.
Image module
Image module
Docking Port Detail
Find the vertical slot and the small keypad. Both of these elements are used to unlock the Green Bike.