Safety Tips

Rules of The Road

Aruba is a great city to explore by bicycle. However we always recommend to use the closest road to the beach.

Whether you’re an experienced rider or new to urban cycling, here are bike laws to follow and riding tips to help you feel more comfortable and confident.

The Green Bikes are designed with many built-in mechanisms to keep you riding safe and in style, including:
• Step-thru frame for a low center of gravity,
• Easily adjustable seat height,
• Front and rear flashing LED lights,
• Plastic casing around cables to prevent tampering, and
• Reflective sidewalls on both front and rear tires.
Riding Tips
There’s more to safety riding than a well-tuned bicycle. Respect yourself and fellow road users by following these tips:
• Obey all traffic signs and lights.
• be alert. Be visible. Be predictable.
• avoid riding on sidewalks.
• always ride with traffic.
• use hand signals
• wear a helmet.

Pre-ride Checks

Green Bike works to constantly maintain every bike to ensure they are in excellent condition and working properly. It’s always a good idea to give the bike a look over before starting a ride. Check the following before you set off on your ride

Push each tire hard against a curb. If you can flatten it, it needs air.
Check that both brakes are functional and feel strong.
Turn each wheel slowly and look for cuts, bulges or bubbles in the tire.
Try all of your gears to make sure the chain shifts smoothly between gears.
Wheel Spin
Lift each wheel up and give it a slow spin (spin the back wheel forward so the pedals don’t move). Check that the wheel spins freely and doesn’t rub against the brake pads or anything else.
Loose Parts
Pick up the bike and shake it. You shouldn’t hear anything rattling.