Linear Park

Riding the bike path at Linear Park is a great way to enjoy the beach and Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba. Do not miss it….

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Grab a Green Bike at the following stations, the recommended stations are listed from the closest to the farthest station:
Plaza Turismo – Bonetires (actually is located in the middle of Linear Park)
Plaza Daniel leo downtown – (1,1 mi) (1,8 km)
Cruise Terminal – Dutch Pancakehouse (1,24 mi) (2km)

If you are coming from the station at the cruise terminal – Dutch Pancakehouse just take the main road towards your left, you will pass the Renaissance Marketplace on your right.
If you are coming to Plaza Daniel Leo Station take a right and the intersection is just right there, turn left and at the roundabout turn right you will get to the main road and then turn left.

So now, you are driving on the main road having the Renaissance Market Place on your left, you will pass it and soon you will have on your right Wihelmina Park where you can go around and take pictures.
Then You take the same road where you were going and soon you will pass a little bridge and then you will see the bike path of Linear Park.
After 1 km you will get to the Aruba sign a great place where you can take a picture. Once you are there you can go down to the Surfside Beach.
Then you can go back to the route you were coming and drive beside the airport, it is an amazing view of the airplane coming down and up.
On your way back at the Renaissance Marketplace ask for the Dutch Pancakehouse. It is a very nice and unforgettable restaurant managed by an amazing family where you will feel welcoming. Do not miss it.