The Best way to go around Downtown is riding a bike!

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Grab a Green Bike at any station.

If you are coming from high rise hotels:
Marriott: unlock a bike take the road going south to your right.
In few minutes you will see an interception, where the Palm Beach Plaza Mall is in the corner, so turn right.
Bear left at the Holiday Inn and keep straight.

B. Holiday Inn, Playa Linda Resort, Hyatt, Barcelo, Hilton: take the main road going south.
You will pass all the major hotels once you get to the Riu Hotel soon you will get to an interception turn right always taking the closest road to the beach.
You will be driving by the main road of Eagle Beach, passing some resorts on your left and you will be having the beach on your right.
Keep straight you will pass Costa Linda resort and the Alhambra Mall, keep going straight.
Pass the Divi Resort and Tamarjn Resort and then you will get to a traffic light and then turn right.
Keep straight and then you will pass the cruise Terminal and you will see the Dutch Pancakehouse Station. Where you can park your bike. Enjoy Downtown.