Enjoy working out, be outside, and be delighted by the most beautiful beaches of the world. Unlock a bike, be free. Do not miss it during sunset.

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Grab a Green Bike at the following stations, the recommended stations are listed from the closest to the farthest station:
Marriott Hotel – Azure Station (2,1 mi) (3,7 km)
Holiday Inn Station – Little Switzerland Station ( 2,9 mi) (4,7 km)
Palm Beach – RBC Station ( 3,7 mi) (6 km)
La Cabana Resort – Dushi Bagels & Burgers ( 4,9 mi) (7,9 km)
Costa Linda Resort (5,4 mi) (8,8 km)

If you are coming from low rise hotels area and high rise hotel area drive north taking always the closest road to the beach.
1. Bear right on Paseo Herencia Mall and in like 200 meters you will see an intersection, wait and turn left.
2. Take that road north, you will pass the Marriott Resort and Hotel and then the Ritz Carlton Hotel.
3. Drive straight that road after you pass the Ritz Carlton you will start seeing the beach on your left side and the view is just beautiful. Stop at Malmok Beach and take pictures.
4. After a 0,2 mile you will get to an intersection follow the sign to California Lighthouse on your left.
5. You will pass Boca Catalina Beach and then Turn left.
6. Soon you will arrive to Arashi, stop there, refresh your self and take pictures.
Take your time and enjoy the ride!